The life, work and legacy of George Edward Dering (1831-1911).

George Edward Dering was born in 1831, his father was Robert Dering (1802-1859) and mother Letitia Shee (1785-1852) daughter of Sir George Shee, Ist Baronet of Dunmore (1754-1825) (Member of parliament for Knocktopher).  GED was educated at Rugby School where he went at the age of 13 in 1844.  At Rugby school he was under the tutorage of Henry Highton (assistant-master of Rugby School 1841-1859), George Dering inherited the manor of Lockleys, Welwyn, Hertfordshire in 1859 as well as the estate in County Galway from his uncle Sir Edward Shee, 2nd Baron of Dunmore.

George Dering was a prolific Victorian inventor in the field of telegraphy, chemistry, iron, brick making and rail transport. He was very much a man of his time who had an interest in and who embraced emerging technologies and trends. Behind his enthusiasm and energy was a private, almost obsessive hugely secretive person who lived a life hidden from the Victorian and Edwardian public. A life that breached 19th century convention.

George Dering was as fascinating as he was out of the ordinary.

This website investigates every facet of his life and those around him – both public and private.


March 20th 2014: This website has just come on-line. This will be the definitive resource of the life and unusual times of George Edward Dering.

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