25, Basil Mansions

Basil Street

Knightsbridge, S.W

Jan 13th 1911

Dear Miss Harrison

Thank you so much for your most interesting letter, & I think xxxxx value the history of who the wife really was!  You know of his tastes in his youth for walking on the tightrope, and his friendship with the famous Blondin, of world renown, and it was Blondin’s daughter who was the wife of Mr Dale. Bertie was told this by a man who knew all about it, who Bertie met out at dinner last night. As xxxxx say it is almost a 3 volumed  novel! There is hope that his daughter will never regret coming out of her obscurity, but it was scarcely a xxxxxx thing for her father to have brought her up in ignorance of what was before her, & one can’t quite see why he did it? I am sorry for the Majendies as I fear they won’t benefit much.

Yours very sincerely

Rosa Dering