The Hertfordshire estate of Lockleys and one of the homes of George Edward Dering. This is history of the property.

Lords of the Manor

1303    Agnes de Valence: Grandmother was Isabella of Angouleme, wife of King John.

1309    Aylmer de Valence brother of Agnes

1324    Mary de Valence wife of Aylmer

1375    John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster

1399    Henry IV : Crown property


Sub-Tenants of Lockleys

1288    Adam de Mandeville

1340    Sir Walter de Crek and John de Crek

1346    John Haggeford

1373    Edmund de Vauncy

1374    Robert de Bolthorp, John Pusy

1390    Joan de Vauncy daughter of Edmund de Vauncy

1415    John Perient of Digswell and Heirs

1545    Dorothy Burgogne and Ann Carlton

1557    William Perient

1564    Henry Walter

1566    George Horsey

1587    Ralph Horsey then to Jasper Horsey

1624    Edward Wingate: Born 1606 Died 1685

1675    Edward Wingate Jr

1698    Ralph Wingate

1715    Edward Searle

1715-1815       Edward Searle and Elizabeth Gardiner and Heirs

1815    Charles Gardiner

1821    Sir George Shee, 1st Baronet of Dunmore

1825    Lady Elizabeth Shee

1838    Letitia Dering daughter of George Shee

1859    George Edward Dering

1911    Mrs Rosa Neall daughter of George Dering

1920    Sir Evelyn de la Rue

1926    Miss F. E. M Badeley

1936    Estate sold by Captain Neall